Frequently Asked Questions:

How are recurring emails scheduled?
Visit to create an account and log in. Click New Email and enter the details for your own email, who the message is to be sent to, the recurrence options, a subject, and the message itself and click Save.
How do I stop a scheduled recurring email?
Log in to your account and click Turn Off next to the email you want turned off. You could also delete it by clicking the X but you may want to turn it back on in the future so think about it deeply.
How does SendRecurring work?
Once your recurring email is stored on the server it will be eligible to be sent out. The server polls through all of the scheduled recurring reminders and sends out each one that is ready for delivery.
Can I send a message to myself?
Of course! Make sure to fill in your own email for both the Your Email and To fields.
Can I restore a deleted recurring email?
No, you cannot restore a cancelled recurring email, please be careful when you cancel. You can use information from the confirmation email of the cancelled recurring email to aid in its recreation if you desire.
Is there a limit to the number of recipients that can be included in an email?
No. There is currently not a limit to the number of recipients in an email, however you are limited to the sends available to your account type. Remember to format them correctly (comma separated and correct email form) or you will receive an error.
Are the email totals on the pricing page per month? per year?
The totals listed are per month. For example with a Free plan you can send 50 emails in one month. Quotas reset on the first day of each month. An email send is defined as when our server has to send an email to a recipient, so if you have ten email addresses on a reminder, that will count as 10 "sends" every time it is sent.
What happens when I reach my account quota for sending reminders?
When you reach your quota your account becomes quota blocked until the first of the month, when quotas are reset for paid plans. You cannot send any reminders of the type you are quota blocked for. If you reach your quota mid-send of an email with multiple recipients, your account will continue to send to all of the recipients on that email before becoming quota blocked.
Do reminders stay setup forever?
For users that are on a paid plan reminders will stay setup forever unless they get an error while sending. Users not on a subscription need to log into their accounts every year or so to keep their reminders active.